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Goodwood, Teak Furniture Manufacturer

Friday, 26 January 2018 06:00 Written by 
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"The fuse of western management with eastern craftmanship"

For over 20 years Good Wood Interiors has stood for well-constructed, quality, hardwood furniture with a timeless design. We have captured the craftsmanship and long-lasting experience of the well-known wooden furniture capital of the world, Jepara.

Our catalog grows each year, but we can also operate as the manufacturer of your models and designs.
Whether it is for a new retail line or a custom furnishing project, we work as your partner from the research and development phase all the way to the realization and delivery of promising furniture.


Good Wood Interiors was founded by Joost van der Post in 1995 and his signature remains indelibly attached to the company that he created as a permanent guarantee of quality and integrity. He unfortunately passed away in 2015 but he left behind a company of cabinet-makers for fine wooden furniture that remains a benchmark in the industry.

Joost van der Post is still remembered in his native country of the Netherlands as an avid yachtsman, as a competitive sailor and as the author of several books on the history of wooden boat-building. In his adoptive Indonesia he will long be remembered as one of the beacons in the furniture industry. Joost was a remarkable man and never stopped providing the leadership necessary to make sure that his crew would perform to the highest standard. When interviewed by a Dutch magazine in 2010 he explained as follows:

"As a shipwright I had worked with Teak wood for many years myself so I immediately recognized the exceptional skills of the carpenters in Jepara. I made it my goal to fuse western management with eastern craftsmanship. That is what Good Wood is all about.”

His wife and partner for 25 years, Jamy Van der Post-Tafinine is now firmly at the helm, and her team has been significantly strengthened by the addition of Joost Weimar, who ensures that Good Wood remains perfectly attuned to the demands of the market place. The loyal workforce makes it possible for Good Wood to deliver year after year by forming the solid and well-skilled base of this company.

Good Wood Interiors

We honor our name by making good Teak wooden furniture that fits in both classic and modern interior design. For over 20 years we have exported our Western Teak quality furniture to home décor wholesalers and furniture retailers all over the world.

We manufacture solid SVLK Legal wood indoor furniture and offer them in a large variety of collections to fit different interior concepts.
To name a few we have both The Edge and the Concept collection with a contemporary design.
We have furniture that perfectly fits a Country style interior, while the Beach House collection creates a more elegant French style décor.
Our Retro collection is inspired by the ‘60’s and ’70’s and the very popular Scandinavian design.

Find here our product by collection

Each year our designers create a new collection by looking at the latest furniture trends while staying close to our company signature.
That way our partners can always offer the newest models to their customers. Every year during the IFEX, we will present our new collection


More teak wooden furniture
: Tables and consoles, Cabinets, Sideboards and audio-video booths, Chairs, Teak wooden furniture collections.

We manufacture solid wood indoor furniture and offer them in a large variety of collections to fit different interior concepts.
To name a few we have both The Edge and the Concept collection with a contemporary design.
We have furniture that perfectly fits a Country style interior, while with the Beach House collection you will surround yourself with classic French furniture.
Our Retro collections are inspired by the '60 and '70's and the very popular Scandinavian design.

Every year we develop a new collection by looking at the latest furniture trends while staying close to our company signature and philosophy.

Goodwood Interiors is specialized in cabinets, tables and chairs. We aim to deliver high value of money.
To support this, we guarantee our product against defects. We offer competitive wholesale prices and we are proud to have a re-delivery rate below 1% for 2016!
We believe this is achieved by first of all always using a moisture content below 15%.
We use the best wood of the trees, known as quality grade AB.
Our professional team makes sure that your furniture offer the best protection for your furniture.

Apart from our quality in terms of the product, we value customer relationship. Communication is key to success.
With our European (French and Dutch Native), we tend to remove a language barrier.
Our response rate for e-mail is within the same day and we are flexible towards customer demands.
When there is the opportunity we visit our customers around the world.
Having the professional personal service and the high quality standards, we believe that we can be your perfect partner.

Outdoor teak wood furniture

Goodwood Interiors also has the possibility to deliver teak outdoor furniture. Although this is not our core business, we get regular requests from our customers to manufacture. Obviously we offer the same quality standards. Feel free to contact us.

Interested to explore your new business opportunity?

Request our brochures here!


More hotel furniture

Our repeat clients value the full personal service that Goodwood offers, from pre-production to after sales service. Good and clear communication is key.
We support our customer during the full process including CAD drawings, sampling and production.
We encourage our clients to visit the factory in Jepara for sample-inspection.
As a result our customers know the possibilities we have within our factory and have already reviewed the samples before final delivery.

During the production process we take great care about quality control. With the combination of two western quality controllers and two local quality controllers we are delighted with our returns rate below 1%! Quality is our main focus from start to finish.

We provide full planning reports to ensure the furniture arrive on time and on the requested delivery date.
We deliver our furniture correctly packed, properly quality controlled and at the requested delivery date.
Where needed, we provide after sales services.

This is our key to success for hotel furniture projects and customized furniture projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.


More Cladding
: Skinwood, Gold Brown Teak, Teak ABC, Teak Mata-Mata, Weathered Teak

Wood cladding is our new product for interior design. Goodwood has 100% in-house production for our wall cladding panels.
We are able to supply our customers with the highest quality standards. All our recycled wood is carefully selected and turned into a beautiful product.
We Kill'n dry all our teak wood prior to production for our wood cladding.
We guarantee our great quality standards by carefully checking every single panels before packaging.

Our wood-cladding panels are standardized through a stairway interlock system in order to have an invisible transition on the wall.
The panels are adhered on a strong net to guarantee the flat surface on the back.
The wood used for the wall decoration is all recycled Teak that is bought as waste from furniture factories in Indonesia, mainly from Jepara and its surrounding.
These wood scraps are normally too small and inconsistent to be used further for furniture, but it’s especially these characteristics that make them perfect for our wood-cladding.

The waste management goes even further in our process, as we give the wood dust and the tiny wood scraps from our production process to a local company that produces wood pallets. Those wood pallets are in their turn used for local cooking stoves as well as exported as a sustainable natural resource for cooking.

Your new business opportunity!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if one or more of our models interests you, or if you are looking for a partner in your custom design of wood cladding.
We have a large and varying stock of wood and we are quite flexible in the design.
We are more than happy to research and develop exclusive new models with you!

We offer: Competitive prices, Exclusive types of wood available, Possibility for customized models, Short lead times, Ready to sell packaging, Intensive quality control, Perfect interlock system, Guaranteed quality, All our wood is Kill'n dried.

Contact us if you want to see our brochures and prices!
We will get back to you within 24 hours

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Totally Indonesia is proudly sponsors Good Wood Interiors

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