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Melinda Women-Only Hospital

Friday, 18 May 2018 10:19 Written by 
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  • Location: Java / Bandung
  • Address: Jl.Pajajaran 46, Bandung Jawa Barat

In 2004, dr. Susan Melinda, SpOG., A specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, founded a women-only hospital with the concept of a 5-star hotel and art gallery that offers health facilities for women, especially mothers and children under the name Melinda Hospital.
The hospital with an international standard, was established July 23, 2004 and is equipped with professional medical personnel. "Health is the key to the beauty and happiness of a woman, and we are sincerely committed to realizing every woman's dream to look beautiful, healthy and happy." Said dr. Susan Melinda about her concern for women's needs.

As a women-only hospital, Melinda Hospital is built so that all women can express their noble side, whether it is in a position as a woman or as a mother for her children. With this unique hospital concept we will make patients and visitors feel the comfort. Melinda Hospital consists of five floors with 33 bed capacity, modern, energy efficient, minimalist architecture, spacious rooms and corridors. An Art & Craft Gallery that is installed along the corridor will make the atmosphere more warmly welcome anyone coming to Melinda Hospital.


Uphold the dignity of human beings by treating the patient like his own family, without any difference whatsoever.


Lovingly provide quality and professional services, which enable us to grow continually and be independent.


In brief it means: “serving wholeheartedly, the first is always grateful, the second does not forget to always be grateful for the trust of our customers, the third to apologize for our shortcomings and imperfections as imperfect humans”.

Melinda Hospital opened exactly on July 23, 2004, and from that moment on it has been so that the concept and the pattern of serving wholeheartedly continues until now.

Serving must be wholehearted and accompanied by sincere thoughts, feelings and desires. The personality of an employee in serving the patients totally or wholeheartedly is believed to have a positive impact on the patient's healing, the soul and body, as well as the spirit of life, attitudes, and behaviour of the patient.

Baby Care

This heart-based process of service is also related to the formation of employee character. By serving wholeheartedly and concretely to the patient, within the employees changes occur, strengthening mind-set, attitude patterns, and positive behaviour patterns. One example is employees become more optimistic in working, broad-minded, more patient to control emotions, and more positive-minded.

This heart-based service is also believed to have a positive impact on Institutional Imagery. In this regard, Melinda Hospital also contributes to improving the image of Indonesia Hospital world in the international arena.

Serving wholeheartedly can fail if employees and doctors are not sensitive to the patient's needs, unfriendly to the patient, and do not apologize for disappointing them. The most fatal thaught of the patient is when doctors and employees are considered to be the cause of discomfort or disappointment. This will damage the image of the institution that was originally glorified and this can in fact turn 180 degrees in negativity publicity.

Familiarizing to serve wholeheartedly requires willingness, and serious efforts and commitment while taking into account that this include the following:

  • Willing to listen with empathy.
  • Willing took the time to answer and discuss using various media, including the virtual world.
  • Establish communicative and ethical relationship in the spirit of openness, warmth.
  • Counselling, motivation, and spirit of life.
  • Gentle and with a touch of love to the patient.









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