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Sunday, 10 June 2018 12:29 Written by 
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Among the rich local culture in the city of Solo, stood a pharmaceutical company that started its business in the most humble way, yet thrived with the biggest of dreams. That company was known as Perseroan Terbatas (PT) Kondang Impor Ekspor or Konimex, which was founded by Djoenaedi Joesoef on June 8, 1967. With years of experience working in his family’s drug store under his belt, the conviction in his heart that happiness starts from one’s wellbeing, and his mindset to help every family in Indonesia live a healthier life, Pak Djoen established his business. To this day, Konimex continues to create and innovate so everyone can have an equal chance at a healthy and happy life, by holding firm to its philosophy of 3MU, or Mutu (quality), Mudah (accessibility), and Murah (affordability).

Each and every product manufactured by Konimex is the result of consistently prioritizing quality and an unceasing effort to provide added value. This unique trait sets Konimex products apart from the rest, earning universal acclaim and numerous awards such as Top Brand, Excellence Brand Award, Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) Award, Indonesia Best Brand Award, Indonesia Original Brand Award, and WOW Brand Award.

To ensure that consumers everywhere can easily obtain its products, Konimex established and appointed PT Sinar Intermark and PT Marga Nusantara Jaya as its official distributors. later on, these two companies were merged and became PT Marga Nusantara Jaya. It is the merged company’s responsibility to distribute Konimex products to wholesalers, traditional markets, retailers, drug stores, pharmacies, as well as all kinds of modern trade channels throughout Indonesia. In the following years, as Konimex diversified its products, the distribution company expand its network to match the ever growing market. Starting from 33 branches in 1992, to 56 in 2017, with a fleet of vehicles and more than thousands of personnel spread across Indonesia, from Banda Aceh all the way to Jayapura. With the entirety of Indonesia covered, Konimex continues to expand beyond the international borders to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and even to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

Taking the level of quality and their accessibility into account, Konimex products are made to be affordable for its market segment, with excellent value for money.

Konimex is able to stand firm and vigilant in adapting to various market challenges with strong and committed management team. The company also stays true to its 3MU philosophy and its ESI work culture, or Excellence (giving one’s best), Synergy (to appreciate differences in others and better work performance through unity), and Integrity (words and actions in sync), further supported by all of its stakeholders. Even in the face of fierce competition and constantly adapting to the ever changing customer behaviors, Konimex continues to maintain its growth as an independent private company, while focusing its expansions within its core business area of pharmaceutical products, consumer goods, and natural product extracts.

konimex totallyindonesia food snack healthy


In its effort for the wellbeing and happiness of every person, Konimex fully understands the importance of support and cooperation from various parties.   To sustain this collective effort, Konimex continues to build and nurture a good relationship with all its stakeholders, which consist of suppliers, financial institutions, consultants, field experts, scientists, universities, distributors, as well as business partners and the government.

Konimex highly upholds proper business ethics in conducting its business activities and maintaining partnership with its stakeholders. Aside from honesty, vigilance, transparency, and punctuality, all Konimex employees and its board of directors also promote strong family values. This warm and welcoming gesture is a key aspect that helps maintain the company’s solid partnerships to this day.

The collaboration in the spirit of togetherness between Konimex and its stakeholders in turn create equally admirable results, as proven by a series of milestones throughout the history of Konimex. The credit and honor of these achievements not only goes to Konimex alone, but to all of its stakeholders.

baby konimex totallyindonesia care


Driven with the passion to provide only the best, Konimex has constantly strived to manufacture quality products that meets the customer’s needs, while exceeding their expectations.  For that very reason, Konimex conducts market research on regular basis to identify consumer behavior and comprehend what they demand in a product. While allocating considerable resources for research and development of new products that    are still within its core business, of which are pharmaceutical products, consumer goods, and natural product extracts. The continuous research on both fields eventually leads to the development of various innovations that can be found in each and every Konimex products. From a more economical packaging size, superior choice of materials, to an even more advanced production technology.

  • Pharmaceuticals
    As one of the company’s major business pillars, the pharmaceutical products of Konimex are well known for groundbreaking products, with uniqueness and innovations well beyond their time.
  • Vitamins and Food Supplements
    Keeping the nation healthy goes beyond providing medicine, but also covers disease prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle. And for that, Konimex has expanded its business to the vitamin and food supplement market.
  • Confectioneries 
    The founding of its NIMM’s division in 1980 marked the first business development of Konimex, as well as the company’s official entry into the confectionery industry. Aside from various product lines, each with their own unique selling propositions, Konimex was the first to utilize and actively promote its confectionery products through television (TV) commercials. The uniqueness and creative communication traits are kept intact to this day.
  • Natural Products 
    In response to the market demand for natural-based products, Konimex introduced products that utilizes Indonesian traditional ingredients and recipes. The preservation of these local delights are not only well known for their benefits, but also have been trusted by Indonesian families for generations.
  • Snacks
    With the positive development of its confectionery division, Konimex continues to expand its business into the snack industry in 1994, by establishing the Sobisco factory to manufacture healthy and quality snacks.
  • Natural Products Extracts
    Konimex seized the opportunity to develop natural ingredients- based products, based on the continually rising back-to-nature lifestyle and Indonesia’s wealthy biodiversity.

konimex family healthy totallyindonesia pharmacy


Konimex has proven itself through fifty years of creation, innovation, and diligence in building a healthier nation. Even though the market and competition have significantly changed since the early days of its founding, Konimex have persistently shown that its values of hard work, togetherness, and compassion are still relevant to this day. It enables the company to keep on earning its place as one of the biggest pharmaceutical and consumer goods company in Indonesia. What makes this even more impressive is that all the milestones were achieved and continuously held with Konimex’s status as a private company, instead of a publicly held one. As it heads into the future, Konimex continues to maintain and even improve the quality of engagement with its stakeholders. Driven to expand its business even further, in terms of both quality and quantity, Konimex will continue to tap into the limitless potential of the market through consumer research, product research and development (R&D), utilizing the latest technology, as well as broadening its network across the country, and around the world.

Konimex’s presence in several South East Asia and Middle East countries is just the beginning. After strengthening its market foothold in these respective countries, Konimex will penetrate even more through the global market. Providing a better health for those in need, while promoting the values of our beloved country.   let us all take our steps forward together, realizing the dream of a happy life, synergize with one another to build a better, healthier nation.

 vision konimex totallyindonesia

To be the Market Leader in Food & Health Care Products in Indonesia and Regional Level

mission konimex totallyindonesia

By having internationally recognized products
By providing Food & Health Care products
By doing market research to provide innovative product

 Konimex estore totallyindonesia e store

This e-commerce site is provided by PT Konimex to provide consumers with an easy way to get products ranging from pharmaceuticals, vitamins & supplements, natural products, food and personal care to Konimex products. Everything can be obtained with just a few easy and simple steps, then your order product will be delivered directly to your home.

In accordance with the philosophy of PT Konimex "Join the Nation of the Nation", Konimex estore offers so many choices of products to meet various health needs, ranging from child health, adult male and female, as well as health of the whole family both general and special health, both preventive and curative products. A wide selection of food and beverages is also available to you. Konimex estore provides a variety of products that support each other, visible from the information "Related product" that you can see on any existing product.

Through Konimex estore, you can shop comfortably and securely, either for personal needs or to send to relatives and friends. A variety of attractive offers are also available for you to make your shopping more enjoyable.

Please explore and enter the pleasures of shopping in this digital age with Konimex estore.

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pharmaceutical totallyindonesia konimex product

vitamin totallyindonesia konimex product

natural product totallyindonesia konimex product

food totallyindonesia konimex product


contact us totallyindonesia konimex


website konimex totallyindonesia


 konimex sponsored by totally indonesia

Totallyindonesia proudly sponsors quality

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