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Monday, 23 April 2018 12:16 Written by 
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  • Location: Java / Surabaya
  • Address: Jl. Nginden Barat Blok B,

RS Premier Surabaya is part of Ramsay Health Care Group, Australia's largest private hospital group in Australia has more than 100 hospitals and day surgery facilities in Australia, Britain, France and Indonesia. Surabaya Premier Hospital's success in reaching the International Accreditation from JCI is an international standard of quality service.


To become the leading healthcare provider in Asia by delivering sustainable and high-quality outcomes to all stakeholders


The achievement of clinical excellence and superior services will be built upon a commitment to continuous quality improvement. This commitment will be reflected in the professional development, ongoing education and research and compliance to national and international quality standards at all levels of the organization.

Through strong leadership and a dedicated team of professional medical and ancillary staff, our health care activities will be conducted in a friendly and caring environment in which the organization enjoys the support of Doctor’s, staff, the community, and other internal & external customers.

Premier Surabaya Hospital (RSPS), is a health service facility that starts to operate at March 16th, 1998. Today, RSPS operates 168 bedrooms, at quiet and comfortable location in Eastern Surabaya.

Premier Surabaya Hospital is a modern health service and medical facilities for Surabaya community and around, under the management of Ramsay Health Care Australia and as a joint commitment from Indonesia and Australia expertise in Hospitality. Premier Surabaya Hospital started to operate at March 1998.

In Australia, Ramsay Health Care owns and operates more than 60 hospitals those spread in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. At the present in Indonesia, Ramsay Health Care has three hospitals they are Premier Surabaya Hospital in Surabaya, Premier Jatinegara Hospital and Premier Bintaro Hospital in Greater Jakarta Area. Moreover, Ramsay Health Care nowadays owns 37 Hospitals in the United Kingdom & 9 Acute Hospitals in France.

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Having image as a company that provides good health care services, Premier Surabaya Hospital considers the quality of human resource as one important thing. This is as the main resources in our business. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to always improve their knowledge, capability, and skill through continuing education and training.


Specialists in Premier Surabaya Hospital have been accredited from Medical Advisory Committee. This means that specialists have been accepted by their colleague and by hospital’s management. Many of them received reference and international experience from overseas such as Australia, Japan, United States and some countries in Europe and Asia.


Premier Surabaya Hospital is very proud of the quality of nursing. Australian Nursing Advisor also gives some advice in hiring nurses with a good recruitment system, training and continuing education, so that they have the capacity both in skill and knowledge, as well as friendly attitude to patients.


Premier Surabaya Hospital has Education and Quality Department which together with HR Department to provide education, training, and value all staffs in order to improve human resources and services quality.  All of our staff are prepared to do their best services for customers comfort and satisfaction. Premier Surabaya Hospital, in its daily operation, supported by Infection Control Management Team, in order to control, supervise and prevent infection or disease germ contamination.

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JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation

Hospitals are required strive to provide the best health care open to the public. Hospitals, such as RS Premier Surabaya, are expected to have quality facilities with experienced doctors, complete medicines and sophisticated medical equipment.

The question, however, is, what benchmarks can be used as a reference to determine that a hospital has the best service? Hitherto the majority of Indonesian people look to hospitals in neighbouring countries rather than hospitals in their own country.

The Indonesian government has implemented a quality standard for hospital services and has divided it into a number of categories. There is also a kind of ISO award for hospitals. However, it would be better if we follow other standards such as JCI to improve the quality of our health services.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the recognised leader in international health care accreditation, For more than 50 years the Joint Commission has dedicated itself to improving the quality and safety of healthcare. In collaboration with its stakeholders JCI’s mission is to improve the quality of health itself continuously for the public, evaluate health care organizations, as well as to provide inspiration in improving the delivery of safe, effective and high quality service.

Of the thousands of hospitals in Indonesia, only a few hospitals have managed to obtain accreditation from JCI. Premier Surabaya attained JCI accreditation on March 2013 and is one of the hospitals in Indonesia that uses the latest standard (4th edition 2011). The success of this award-winning has increasingly demonstrated the credibility of RSPB known as a hospital focusing on quality and patient safety.

By meeting the requirements of this JCI, many benefits are obtained: Doctors became more communicative, documentation and accuracy of patients from admission to treatment and finally out-patient the services and hospital infrastructure is improving and is well maintained.

RS Premier Surabaya’s success in reaching the International Accreditation from JCI is the result of hard work by hospital personnel ranging from doctors, nurses and non-medical staff who have the loyalty and dedication towards improving the quality of service to an international standard. The achievement of which is a significant leap for the RSPB, but this is certainly not the end of the journey. It is the first step in the continuous improvement of quality service in line with the international standards of quality services.


We are very grateful if you are willing to give the impression and messages regarding our services through survey forms given our officers before you leave the hospital. To maintain secrecy, you can directly drop the form into a suggestion box. You can also post your suggestions or complaints by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you or your family need more information about Premier Surabaya Hospital, read the brochures that we provided or access our website at www .rs-premiersurabaya.com

Premier Surabaya Hospital in cooperation with JCI in terms of quality improvement and patient safety. Therefore, if there are things that relate to the rights of patients, safety, infection control, medical, and security facilities, patients can submit a complaint to JCI through the address below:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Letter: Quality and Safety Monitoring, Joint Commission International Accreditation, 1515 West 22nd Street, Suite 1300 W, Oak Brook, IL 60 523 USA







Link naar RS Premier Bintaro

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