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The Duck King

Thursday, 08 August 2019 12:49 Written by 
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  • Location: Java / Bandung
  • Address: Jl. Sukajadi no. 137 Paris Van Java Mall, Lt. GC no. 18, Bandung 40162 Indonesië

Welcome to The Duck King


The Duck King Restaurant first opened in 2003 in South Jakarta.

At present, we have evolved into the biggest chain of chinese restaurants in Indonesia operating 32 branches under 5 different segments; namely, The Grand Duck King Signature as our signature concept, The Grand Duck King simply showcases a typical concept, The Duck King as our core concept, Imperial Chef as our pork based restaurant concept, and The Duck King Noodle and Kitchen as our simple concept which specialize in Lamian menu.

The Grand Duck King Signatures

The Grand Duck King Signatures, as the name indicates, is the signature concept of The Duck King Group. As our flagship restaurant, The Grand Duck King Signatures aims to provide our regular customers extra indulgence when it comes to selections of menu as we create unique dishes which will be exclusive to the signatures concept only. In addition, we aim to provide extra care and personalized service to those who prefer to dine in private rooms. 5 VVIP rooms equipped with visual and audio entertainments are available in addition to 5 VIP rooms. Designed with our corporate customers in mind, The Grand Duck King Signatures is elegantly simple yet understatedly luxurious. The interiors are predominantly of natural colors which are layered through different materials using mainly wooden finishes, bronze mirrors, floor carpetings and granite stones.


The Grand Duck King

The Grand Duck King is a concept of The Duck King Group, which simply showcases a typical concept of The Duck King restaurant in a bigger scale - bigger space, bigger seating capacity and bigger menu selections. Conceptualized to be luxuriously minimal, the interior of The Grand Duck King is designed primarily using wooden materials with black, white and various brown as main colors. At first impression, the ambiance is sleek and shimmering, as bronze mirror in the entry corridor, pillars and ceiling reflect lighting through horizontal and vertical effect. Our customers are spoilt for choice as The Grand Duck King offers extensive ranges of menu offering specializing in live and rare seafood to cater to customers with discerning taste. Similar to other The Duck King branches, however, our famous barbeque, porridge, noodles as well as dimsum are also available.


The Duck King

The Duck King has enjoyed a solid reputation as one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Indonesia for quite some time now since its early inception in 2003. With 23 outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Surabaya, dan Makassar, The Duck King has established itself as casual dining restaurants popular for gathering or culinary outings. As The Duck King restaurants do not serve pork dishes, Moslems are frequent customers to all its branches. Extended menu selection are offered and must try dishes include Roasted Duck with Hainam Rice, Fried Prawn with Salted Eggs and Beef Ribs with Honey Sauce. Dim sum is also available freshly prepared upon ordering in addition to a list of fanciful desserts menu.


The Duck King Noodle and Kitchen

The Duck King Noodle and Kithcen, is a new concept of The Duck King Group. It's the simplest dining concept of The Duck King Group that serves various dishes with affordable price and no lived seafood. You will enjoy our distinctive cuisines, especially the "La MIan". Besides, we still serve our greatest roasted duck along with dim sum and placemate menu. As usual, we do not served pork dishes, so Moslems can enjoy our food without any hesitation.


Imperial Chef

As the heart of Jakarta Chinatown, Imperial Chef is well known as the destination for late night congee cravings or simply for greats Chinese meals ater late night partying. As part of The Duck King Group restaurants, Imperial Chef offers non-halal concept with its extensive pork menu as well as Chinese delicacies that more traditional to cater to its clientele. Must try dishes include Honey CahSiew with Hainam Rice, Mixed Pork Porridge, and Jellyfish with pork. Imperial Chef is available at Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan.


Telephone: +62 22 82063768 / 69


For all information visit our website!




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